I have difficulties with sexuality, gender or intimacy

Systemic or individual therapy can be really helpful in supporting you with a wide range of issues connected to sexuality. Most people don’t look beyond the purely physical aspects of sexuality, but it involves the self-image that we have of ourselves and of our bodies.  It goes far beyond the physical components - it affects all aspects of our lives.

Due to past experiences or inadequate sex education, we can consciously and unconsciously associate "bad" feelings with ourselves and our sexual life, referring to ourselves as inadequate, not fully perfect, not good, too ugly, too small, too big, too old, too young, too cold, too frigid, too sexual, impotent, and the list goes on. Each one of us could probably add many new words. In short, we begin to see ourselves as a not "fully" woman or "fully" man. 

Difficulties around infertility, impotence, frigidity, fear of relationships are factors that create a sense of fear associated with our sexuality which blocks people from finding satisfaction. We all have to deal with our own sexuality in order to help our partners or other people to do the same.

Trans, non-binary and gender questioning people often face difficulties in close relationships with their partners and families as well as within their wider communities.

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