I am affected by adoption

Adopting a child can in itself be a demanding and complex process, and families can struggle, particularly when the initial period of settling in is over and children feel safer to let their new family know about their insecurities and more difficult feelings and experiences.

Adopted children are often more vulnerable to emotional instability. Many will have experienced the loss of one or more family members and must cope with grief alongside potential feelings of isolation, identity issues and anger. Adopted children may also have trouble bonding with adoptive parents, perhaps due to past abandonment but also because of the complex biochemical and time-sensitive processes involved in human attachment.

The family system may also waver in the wake of adoption. Jealousy and sibling conflict can escalate with the addition of an adopted child. You and your partner, exhausted and overwhelmed, may experience increased arguments and disconnection. Almost all families need extra support, and you may want some support to help with the additional and unique challenges that adoption poses. 

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