I often worry, feel anxious or panic 

Everyone feels anxious at times.  Humans are wired to feel anxiety sometimes – in really dangerous situations anxiety creates a state of being that makes us more alert to danger which can keeps us safe.  A little anxiety in situations such as job interviews or exams is normal and can help us feel focused and alert.

But when you feel anxious most or all of the time, this anxiety can have a negative impact on your relationships and on your day to day life, and it can be very draining.

People can experience anxiety in different ways.  Common experiences include feeing irritable, tearful or “on edge”.  You may be aware of an overwhelming amount of worries that seem inescapable.  Often your sleep may be disturbed and you may feel tired all the time. 

Because our bodies release stress hormones when we’re anxious, you may experience some common physical sensations include a fast heartrate, dry mouth and an increase in sweating.  You may feel sick or lightheaded.  People often describe the sensation of “butterflies in their stomach”

Many people can experience low mood and depressed feelings alongside anxiety.

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