I am affected by abuse

Abuse can take on many forms – it ranges from physical, sexual, or emotional abuse, to neglect. Some forms of abuse can be very subtle, for example ‘gaslighting’ where one person deliberately manipulates another, making the other person feel like they are always wrong or going crazy so that they can control them.  The effects of childhood abuse can be particularly difficult to recover from, and can have a direct impact on daily life (especially for people experiencing flashbacks, nightmares of distressing responses to triggers).

Any kind of abuse is distressing, sometimes it can be scary or even dangerous, and may leave emotional scars that last for a long time. Counselling and psychotherapy can help you recover from abuse, but if you are experiencing any kind of abuse right now, the most important thing you can do is keep yourself safe.  If you are experiencing domestic violence, please contact your local domestic violence service – in the East Riding they can be contacted via their web page here.

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