I have problems at work, college or school

Sometimes we can experience difficulties with relationships outside of our immediate family, at work, school or college, or we might find the stress of our work or education difficult to manage. Talking things through with a counsellor or therapist can help you develop strategies to manage these difficulties.

At school, college or university, it may be that you feel stressed by the level of work, exams or you feel that you are falling behind.  You may feel some anxiety about what to do next.  Or you may be struggling with bullying, a friendship or a relationship.  It may be that you have a clash with a teacher/tutor or the way a course is being run.

At work there are often complex relationships which may impact on your life.   Problems with co-workers, managers, or the structure of the organisation you work for can cause you concern, upset, anger and stress.  You may feel that your emotions are preventing you from performing as well as you would like, or that there is too much pressure being placed on you by others.  Or you may feel trapped in a job and are struggling to see a way ahead.

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