Every therapist within the centre will have their own confidentiality policy which they will tell you about.

But in general:

All enquiries and discussions about therapy are treated confidentially.  Your attendance at an appointment is treated confidentially meaning that we would not confirm your attendance to anyone else without your permission.  Under normal circumstances no information about you will be passed to a third party.


Exceptions to confidentiality

There are certain situations in which we would look to break confidentiality and make contact with a third party.

These are:

  • If you have asked us to share your information (for example, with your GP). 
  • If we would be at risk of prosecution if the information about you were not passed on.
  • If we believe anyone under the age of 18 is at risk of being harmed.
  • If we believe that you at are at risk of suicide.
  • If a court order is issued with a subpoena for notes 

Therapists in the centre, although self-employed, work as a team.  Your therapist may consult with other counselling staff during your work together to provide the best possible care.

When you first contact the centre to make an appointment you will speak to one of the therapists who may wish to talk to another therapist to provide the best possible care for you.