E. S. aged 24

"Caroline is warm, approachable and down-to-earth, with a cracking sense of humour; she's real, and this is hugely important to me. Her support has enabled me to take risks, both personally and professionally, and to make big changes in myself and my relationships with others... It’s a challenging process, but if you’re committed to attending sessions and accepting and making changes then it is hugely rewarding. I wouldn’t hesitate to wholeheartedly recommend Caroline as a counsellor.”


"Immediately Hugh made us both feel very relaxed, asked us both about our family background & things started to flow quite easily. The first hour was particularly difficult as we were both SO angry with each other….I admit wondering if Hugh would be able to rectify the situation! The therapy was intense, emotional & upsetting at times but it gave me a clearer understanding of my sister. Hugh was impartial, calm, focused & honest… He gave clear direction & boundaries to both of us, which without we both would have just stayed angry. The session gave us both the opportunity to express our anger, hurt & disappointment in a safe environment. We still have a few things to discuss with each other but I feel sure this will now be done in a more rational way with a common goal of better understanding & forgiveness. It is so lovely to have my sister back in my life and we are busy making plans for the future. We both admit that we have missed each other terribly & are so thankful to Hugh for assisting with family therapy.”


S.D. aged 25

"Seeking out help and seeing Caroline was the turning point. Sessions with her are very relaxed, informal and conversational and you feel able to say as much or as little as you want about how you're feeling and your circumstances. Perhaps the most important thing for me was the way I came to realise that my emotional reaction to my problems had been normal and understandable given some of what I'd been through, and so I was able to stop feeling guilty about the very fact I was depressed, which had been an extra burden in itself."


I came to see Hugh because I was struggling with social anxiety and the psychological impact of dealing with chronic illness. When I first met with Hugh I had very little direction or understanding of how to prioritise or organise the things that I was struggling with, and had therefore been unable to address them. During the course of working with Hugh I was able to address other root causes, which had not been apparent to me previously. This is very much due to Hugh’s ability to see to the heart of an issue, and draw it out in a gentle and respectful manner, to enable an honest discussion and exploration. I found Hugh to be very easy to talk to because he has such a calming manner, and is very insightful and able to pinpoint emotions and thoughts that need to be worked on. I felt very safe, understood and respected during my sessions with Hugh, much more so than with previous therapists, and always left the sessions with a feeling of peace and calm. I have recommended Hugh to other people who I think would benefit hugely from his obvious wealth of knowledge and experience, and would also feel safe, calm and supported when trying to deal with complex issues. Hugh has helped me massively in finding momentum and direction where it was lacking, and I’m very appreciative of his help. I wouldn’t hesitate in going back to him in the future, or to recommend him to others.

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